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Using algae to treat
saline wastewater

halotolerant bacteria and algae
from the food industry.

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SaltGae DEMO sites for
real scale demonstration

to prove the efficient treatment of saline
wastewaters from food and beverage industry.

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SaltGae solution

The treatment of saline wastewater in presence of organic content represents a challenge for many industrial sectors.
SaltGae project aims to develop and demonstrate a techno-economically viable solution for the treatment of saline wastewater.
Moreover, this project will represent a case study for demonstration of SaltGae solutions to the cross-cutting barriers to innovation identified in the European Innovation Partnership on Water  (EIP Water).

SaltGae Management Board

José Ignacio Lozano

Project Coordinator

Robert Reinhardt

Technical Manager

Marco de la Feld

Exploitation Manager

ENCO srl
Silvio Mangini

Risk Manager


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