Industries generating vast amounts of wastewater, such as the food and beverage (F&B) industries, the management of their residues required to comply with the EU directives implies direct costs which can be very high. This is particularly critical for a subsector within the F&B industry devoted to the production of canned fish, meat processing, pickled vegetables, leather tanneries, aquaculture
and all kind of brined products, as they generate saline wastewater.

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To respond to the challenges above and in line with regulatory frameworks, policies and initiatives, the SaltGae initiative aims to establish a cross-sector cross-industry technological and innovation platform able to promote an efficient and cost-effective treatment of WW regardless of their different physico-chemical properties to benefit both the end-users (industries producing wastewater) and the sector as a whole (policy makers, environmental agendas, etc).

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Expected impacts

The SaltGae project will create positive impacts for European industry: i) SaltGae Users: the solution will enable EU industry to significant reduce wastewater treatment costs and generate new revenue streams. ii) Technology Supply Chain: the project will create a suite of technologies that may be further improved or applied to new applications (technology transfer). iii) Algae Biomass Users: SaltGae EU users will become suppliers of algae biomass enabling downstream users to develop new product streams.

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Work Plan

Mechanical engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible in order to produce safer, cheaper, and more efficient machines and mechanical systems.The SaltGae Work Plan is structured in management activities (one WP), technical activities (five WP blocks), demo activities (two WP blocks) and transversal activities (two WP blocks).

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The SaltGae project will generale a set of results that will be fully exploited. Fo this purpose SaltGae consortium mobilises the necessary partners to not only lead demonstration of the technology but also development and validation of the final commercial systems and subsequent commercialisation. More details will be available soon.

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