WP1 Halotolerant Cultures will select the best performing algae strains and algae/bacteria consortia for the treatment of the WW.

WP2 Valorisation of Sludge will develop the technologies to pre-treat and condition the HRAP influent.

WP3 Valorisation of HRAP Effluents will develop an innovative cost-effective solution for desalination of the HRAP effluents.

WP4 Valorisation of Algae Biomass will innovate the valorisation of the algal biomass.

WP5 HRAP Integration and Process Optimisation will be focused on HRAP integration and process optimisation and fulfil the role of a pilot scale test bed.

WP6 Large Scale Demonstration Sites will demonstrate the SaltGae solution at three pilot plants in Slovenia (tannery WW), Italy (whey WW) and Israel (aquaculture WW).

WP7 Integrated Sustainability and Business Viability Assessment will focus on evaluating the optimum technical configuration of the SaltGae solution. LCA and ETV will also be part of this WP.

WP8 Innovation Strategy will develop an innovation strategy to fully realise the techno-economic potential of the SaltGae project by addressing key barriers to innovation and facilitating take-up and investment along the SaltGae value chain.

WP9 Exploitation and Dissemination Plan will design and implement effective dissemination and exploitation strategies to broaden the impact of the results generated by the SaltGae activities.

WP10 Project Management will address management, administration and financial reporting for the whole project.